We flew from London to Dublin to start the Ireland part of our trip. We stayed three days in Dublin. A bit of perspective. Dublin is a large city, over a million people, and has suburbs. About 1/3 of the population of Ireland lives in and around Dublin. It is located on the east coast about in the middle of the Isle. Belfast and Northern Ireland, where the troubles are, is 150 miles north. We were nowhere near any trouble. The weather during the two weeks we were in Ireland was the same most every day. Highs of about 20C (68F) and lows of around 10C (50F). It rained every day. Not hard rain, but a soft mist. And this was not constant. It was usually cloudy and sometimes foggy. We loved it.

We had a great time in Dublin. Our hotel was within walking distance of the city center and just across the street from Christ Church. This church is famous as the 'birthplace' of Handel's Messiah. The first performance of the Messiah was in this church in 1742.

We also visited Trinity College and viewed the book of Kells. This is one of the oldest manuscripts in the world. It was written by monks in about the year 800 A.D.

We spent a lot of time, as in London, just wandering the city. Outside of a court house we found a local barrister talking to another man. I asked if it would be OK to take their picture and this is the result.

Of course we sampled the local food. Ireland has no Starbucks (drat) but they do have coffee houses, so we were fine. We ate in pubs and restaurants and at the hotel (breakfast). We had probably our greatest meal on our trip at a Japanese noodle bar called Wagamama. If you are ever in Dublin (or Amsterdam, they have one there) look it up.

In the heart of the downtown area is St. Stevens Park. It is a small patch of green in amongst the pavement. We spent some calm and relaxing hours sitting in it's beautiful surroundings. And Dublin has a rich history of music and literature. On O'Connor Street we found this statue of James Joyce. I suspect he would like this location - I think he was a man of the people and he is still right in the middle of the people of Dublin.

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