Travels in Ireland
Day 1

I titled this day 1, but I am not going to do a day by day account this year. I decided to include a few pictures and I know that you will be slower in downloading the pages, so I will combine and just hit some high spots for some things. I didn't take a lot of pictures, and the camera I was using wasn't very good, so a lot of this is "journal" form.

Let me introduce the travelers to you first.

Here I am, intrepid traveler and generally all around good guy, posing in a typical Irish setting. Note the shades of green in the foliage. There are supposed to be 40 shades of green in Ireland. I don't know about that, but note the outfit I am wearing. That is the layered look. I didn't take a coat or jacket, just a windbreaker and one long sleeved shirt. I sometimes wore them together. Ireland was not exactly cold, but it was always cool and misty. It seldom rained hard, but everyday was cloudy and foggy and misty. The temperature never went above 20C (68F) while we were there. It never dropped much below 10C (50F) either. I loved it.

This is Glenda, my traveling companion. Here she is pictured among the roses in Kilkenny.

We didn't go directly to Ireland, but went from Dallas to London on a non-stop flight. Trust me, this is the best way. It is a long flight, but the total travel time is much less if you don't have to change planes. And we were lucky enough to get the new Boeing 777. I think they are using them on most of the trans-Atlantic flights now. They are nice, and even in coach I had a good amount of leg room. Not enough, but short of 1st class I will never have enough leg room. And you get your own little TV screen (LCD) and you can watch one of several movies. I watched two, The Rookie and Ali. The flight was a redeye - and we lost 6 hours due to flying east, so we arrived at Gatwick Airport at 8:00AM.

We had a hotel booked and we stayed in London for 6 days.