From the Bell Tower

We went up to the top of the Bell Tower in Piazza San Marco one morning and I took some pictures from there. This is the Venice harbor and the lagoon. The island is the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. You can see a corner of the Doges Palace on the lower left.

This is the Church of Santa Maria della Salute. It is one of the newer ones - dating from 'only' 1687.

Another picture similar to the previous one, but this one shows how the church is at the tip of the island facing the Grand Canal. Note the 'green' spot in the picture. Venice is made up of man-made islands and is not land fill. Trees and patches of soil are rare. Dirt has to be ferried onto the islands just like everything else.

Looking down from the Bell Tower toward the Doges Palace. There is a courtyard between the wings. We went into the palace, but as was true of other places, I couldn't take pictures inside.