Mad Mesa

Lester Dent

writing as "Kenneth Robeson"

Pulp magazines have come of interest lately and there are several available publications reprinting stories from the pulp magazines. These mags had their glory years in the 20's, 30's and early 40's. At that time - right after W.W.II - paperback books took over the pulp business and most of them faded away. There are still a few pulp type magazines available today, mostly sci-fi and mystery short stories, but in their time they featured full length novels as well. This book is a reprint of such a magazine. I have developed an interest in pulp fiction and have found several, including this one. This is a reprint, by Nostalgia Ventures, of a "Doc Savage" novel first published in 1939. The Doc Savage novels were reprinted in paperback form in the 60's and 70's but have been out of print for a number of years. They were written under the name "Kenneth Robeson" but were ghosted by several writers, most of whom were paid by the word. The pulps were published monthly, or even bi-monthly in some cases, and the writers had to work fast. Great literature they were not, but fun reads none the less. Lester Dent, a prolific writer of the 30's pulps, wrote a majority of the Doc Savage novels, having penned about 150 by himself and helped in writing several others with collaborators. For a list of the Doc Savage stories and their writers check Wikipedia:

This book was typical of the series. Doc Savage is a human, but might as well be a Superhero. He is just a little too much larger than life, smarter, bigger, stronger, and richer than most other people. He has five assistants, all present in this story, but their function is usually to screw up in some way and get captured or drugged or in some other way incapacitated so Doc can rescue them. There is a villain and he is usually smart and successful, but he is always defeated in the last chapter. Since Doc and his assistants never shoot to kill, they usually meet their end in some unique and unexpected way.

Nothing heavy here, but lodes of fun.