Edward Rutherfurd

Rutherfurd writes big, sprawling novels based on history, much in the manner of James A. Michener. This book might be compared to Michener's book The Source. They both move through history and each chapter tells a story in a different time. Rutherfurd starts with the first Roman settlement and town and moves through to the present day, telling stories about 5 or 6 "families" that exist in London down through the centuries. This is another book I started last year and read a few pages a day. I think it took me about 4 months to get through it. This is the third Rutherfurd book I have read, and so far, is probably the best. This is always a 'timeline' with the relationship of the characters available, so continuity is easy. The stories are sometimes short, sometimes very long, some times are more interesting than others. I tend to like this type of book, history disguised at story, and it often inspires me to learn more. English history is fascinating and interesting to me, so this book fits right in.