The Black Falcon

Walter P. Gibson

writing as Maxwell Grant

Gibson was the most prolific of the pulp novel writers. From 1930 to 1950 he was Maxwell Grant and wrote 283 of The Shadow pulp novels. For much of that time the magazine was published bi-monthly, making 24 novels a year. The Black Falcon is Shadow novel #47, published in 1934. Gibson was a magician and puzzle expert, so many of the stories had puzzle-like plots. The stories had nothing to do with the popular radio show featuring The Shadow, the writers and producers were completely different, and there were no shared plots in the long history of the magazine and radio show. The Shadow was born in 1930, was a creature of the night, frequently hid in the shadows behind a long, black cape, could walk up walls (with the aid of large suction cups), had a secret identity as a rich man-about-town, and was friends with the police. Hmmm, sounds like Batman. The magazine owners should have sued.


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