Shell Game

Richard P. Powell

Powell is one of my favorite authors from the '60's and '70's. He is not know much today, but he wrote a number of novels, several made into movies - including an Elvis movie - in the '60's. He started writing after WWII and wrote mostly mystery type stories for several years. This is an early novel of his, 1950, and, as many of his books are, is set in Florida. A good snapshot of time and place, Florida is much different now. This is a time of isolated beaches on the west Florida coast and a time when beach houses could be rented easily. Powell was a romantic, so there is always a love story going on with the mystery. Today they are pretty easy to figure out, the mystery part that is, because of the limited number of characters. A writer learning his craft, this book was hard for me to find. I got it through the Dallas Library loan program and it actually came from Baton Rouge, LA.