The Baritone Wore Chiffon

by Mark Schweizer

This book is second in a series of stories which the author calls "liturgical mysteries." The hero and narrator is the part-time choirmaster at the local Episcopal Church as well as a full time police detective. He also owns Raymond Chandler's old Underwood typewriter and wants to write hard boiled novels himself. His writing is bad, he detecting good.

And the books are funny. Very, very funny. A knowledge of liturgical church services helps, but is not all the necessary. An example of 'funny' from this book - the Last Supper buffet and pot luck supper the church presents. Mannequins represent the 12 disciples and Jesus, and each has his own 'biblical' food. However, the women don't want to bring boring, dull bible like food, so they spiced things up a bit. This had Matthew serving chili enchiladas, Bartholomew cheese grits, Phillip shrimp pasta, and Peter bacon wrapped pork chops (think about that one a moment).

These books are hard to find, but worth the trouble.