The Summoner

Gail Z. Martin

Pretty good fantasy from a first time author. Nothing new here, but the characters are likeable and it is not an epic, so the number of characters is small and manageable. This is a thick (paperback) book with apparently only one printing, but it should be easy to find. It has, at least, one more book in the series, this one ends in a kind of Star Wars fashion, but I hope it is no more than a trilogy. The second book is already published. This book came out about a year ago and the second book recently, so if it a trilogy the third should be out next year. If it turns out to be more than a trilogy, don't bother, there are not enough characters to sustain too many books. Hopefully only one more book. If looking for an epic tale, check George R. R. Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire series. This Martin might have had the same kind of plan in her mind, but the application here is not that great. Good solid story, easy to read and it goes fast, but not epic. It is good enough that I will read the second book.