My Gun is Quick

Mickey Spillane

Another book in my series of pulp stories. This book was published in 1950, not as a pulp magazine, but as a paperback. I don't know if it was ever published as a hardback or not. Probably later. This is a Mike Hammer mystery, and I read several Spillane books when I was about 12 or 13, but I don't remember this one. I do remember that I thought they were very sexy at the time, but now they are pretty tame. Hammer is given to making speeches about how tough he is and how is going to "kill the person that did this", which seem dated today. The Hammer books - I think they were 6 about this time - were set in New York City, but not much of the city shows through. One is struck by the lack of vehicle traffic and the fact that Hammer always finds a place to park.

These books are actually mysteries of a sort - the hard-boiled detective type. This one was very predictable, but maybe I have read a lot of this type over the years. Spillane was not a "hack" writer, he plotted a pretty good story, but he was never a literary giant. But then again, he never claimed to be.