The Skewed Throne

Joshua Palmatier

This is the first of another sci-fi/fantasy trilogy. This book actually is more difficult to categorize, it is not sci-fi in any way, and it is not the usual fantasy. It must be fantasy, because the setting is not real or historical, but it is not at all like other fantasy trilogies. For one thing the story is told in first person. This certainly changes things. The number of characters is smaller and the POV is much more limited. There is no magic, but there are supernatural occurrences. The narrator is a 12 (approximately) year old girl, living on her own in the streets of a dangerous slum area near a more prosperous and walled city. She survives because she can "see" things. Not dead people, but the living. She senses colors, gray for most people, red for those that pose a threat to her safety. And she can see in all directions at once and sense attacks before they happen. This makes her a clever thief and ultimately, a dangerous assassin.

I liked this book and plan to read the other two in the series. Things moved well. The central characters where not always the most likable of people, but they live in a harsh world. This book was a bit hard to find, I discovered it on line and found it at the library. I have never see it in a book store.