Curse of the Spellmans

Lisa Lutz

This is the second book of what must be a series of stories about the Spellman family. These are not mysteries exactly, although they are classified in that genre. They are accounts about the Spellman family, who just happen to be private detectives. These two books are funny and character driven. The narrator is Isabel (Izzy), the eldest daughter at about 30. The two "parental units" started a detective agency when dad retired from the San Francisco police force. There are two other siblings. Rae, 15 in this book, and an older brother (forget his name, David I think) who is a lawyer and married to Izzy's best friend. Izzy works for the family business and lives at home, so the parents seem to spend more time spying on the two girls then doing detective work for paying customers. Izzy has a tendency to get arrested in her various detecting activities and Rae is a bit of a handful.

I like these books and will probably follow the adventures of the Spellman family. I would recommend reading the first book in the series, The Spellman Files, before reading this one. Lutz, a screenwriter with one (bad) movie to her credit, refers to the first book a lot in this one, and gives away a lot of 'spoilers' for that book in this one.