Tin City

David Housewright

I have always thought that some cities are good settings for mysteries and some are not. Boston, New York, San Francisco are all good. LA used to be good (Raymond Chandler). Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami are not so good. Baltimore is good, Chicago should be good, but .... So anyway, this book's detective lives in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area, and that is good (think John Sandford).

Rushmore "Mac" McKenzie is of the 'hard-boiled' school, but he is also much like Travis McGee, good-hearted, friend to the down and out, and a charmer with the ladies. What's not to like? Housewright is a former Edgar winner and it is a surprise that his work is not better known. It should be. On Amazon this book has zero customer reviews. I suppose I should write one. Look up Housewright, he has several books available.