Crazy '08 : The Greatest Year in Baseball History

Cait Murphy

Baseball has a long history of good sport literature. Possibly it is due to the tremendous recorded history of the game. In the 1920's when the NFL, NBA and NHL were still dreams, baseball already had a 50 year history. This book captures one of those years. I don't know if I would call 1908 the greatest year in baseball history, but it was a good one. It was the last year the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. It was a different world in '08, and baseball was different. Not that much different, however. Good pitching, good hitting, and good fielding still won games. There weren't many home runs or relief pitchers, rosters were smaller, injuries frequent and only one or two unpires called the games, but nine men played in the field and batted (no DH of course), and the team with the best players usually won. Well writen and well researched, this book should interest not only baseball fans, but anyone interested in life in American in the first decade of the 20th century.