Mona Lisa Smile


A 2003 movie that I missed. Probably classified as a 'chick flic'. I like some chick flicks, and this was one that I liked. Not a great movie, but certainly watchable and entertaining. One of the good parts was the era of the movie, 1953. It was presented well - good costumes and good detail. This movie has been described as a female Dead Poet's Society, but it was not. Same general plot, except this was set in a woman's college, Wellesley, one of the Seven Sisters. An idealistic young teacher, Julia Roberts, tries to present art history to a group of girls and encounters a system that stresses tradition.

Great cast. Kirsten Dunst, and two of my favorite young actors, Julia Stiles and Maggie Gyllenhaal, play students. A lot of the movie is predictable, and the dialogue is less than great at times, but generally an enjoyable movie. And none of the students commits suicide. Or tears up their text books for that matter. There is one great scene where the teacher takes her class of girls to some kind of warehouse, possibly a museum loading dock, and they witness a huge painting being uncrated. It turns out to be a Jackson Pollock, and the class stands and looks. The teacher says nothing, but you can tell that the girls are starting to 'get it'.

The movie has it's moments.