The Savages


The Savages of the title refers to a family: father, son and daughter. And a very dysfunctional family. The siblings are 40ish and haven't seen their abusive father for years. They live on the east coast and he lives in Sun City, Arizona (which looked a lot like Hell to me). He has Parkinson's, and has developed dementia, and his two (unmarried) children have to 'care' for him. The movie is about how they cope.

This sounds like a TV movie of the week on The Hallmark Channel, but the writing and acting make it a much different movie. Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman play the siblings. They have issues and problems of their own and they have to care for a father that treated them poorly and never really was much of a caregiver when he was head of the family.

Great acting which makes for a good movie. Tough choices for the two children, both in their personal lives and with their father. Good drama and very thought provoking.