What's Up Tiger Lily?

This is a Woody Allen film. Kinda. It was the first film Woody directed. Kinda. Let me explain. This is a 1966 movie. Certainly not a classic, but Woody Allen funny. The biggest thing going in 1966 was James Bond, so major studios were eager to capitalize. Minor studios were too, but couldn't afford that type of film, so they imported foreign language films and dubbed them. This movie was a 'serious' Japanese movie that was made to be a sort of Japanese James Bond. In those days, films were not sub-titled, but dubbed, often poorly. Woody was hired to dub this film, and he agreed to do it only if he could do it his own way. So what we have is a serious Japanese filmed dubbed with Woody's funny dialogue. Some of it works, and is really funny, and some of it doesn't, but it is always interesting. Woody also edited the film and put lots of martial arts action in the first of the film, for no reason at all. The story makes little sense, since Woody decided the 'secret' that was stolen and everyone was after would be a secret recipe for egg salad!

After this, Woody directed his own films. Better for him, and better for us.