Little Children

This movie revolves around what happens when a known sex offender moves into a suburban neighborhood populated with lots of stay at home moms and lots of kids. And (more important) an ex cop who lost his job for accidentally killing a child in a mall and now thinks it is his destiny to save all kids from the "sex pervert." Not an easy movie. It is hard to have much sympathy for the sex offender, played by Jackie Earle Haley, but it is evident that he is not particularly dangerous. He is living with his mother and they are constantly harassed. The part won Haley an Oscar nomination and is something of a comeback for the former child actor. The story revolves around a bored housewife, Kate Winslet, who was also Oscar nominated, and her affair with a stay at home dad.

There are many contrasts between what is acceptable behavior and what is not, both sexually and otherwise, in suburbia. Winslet's husband is addicted to on line porn, for example, but this behavior, although frowned upon, seems to be OK with this society. After all, he is successful and moderately wealthy!

The movie is based on a book and the characters (hopefully) are exaggerated, but maybe not. Food for thought.