Michael Clayton

The Oscars are over, and this film didn't win, but it is a very, very good movie. I suppose some people might have avoided this movie because they thought it was some kind of "message" movie, but it isn't, it's about people. Not very nice people, but human beings with families and problems and debts and moral choices. It is wonderfully cast - the choices for the parts are letter perfect. It is a good looking movie, shot very well. And best of all, the construction is perfect! It is done just right, building and building. It is subtle but knowing it the way it builds. Not everything is spelled out as you go, but as you think about the movie afterward, you see the way it was put together, piece by piece, to form a well constructed whole. I saw this movie on DVD, and I am sorry I missed it in the theater. I am sorry that anyone missed it, but most people did. It should not be missed. The DVD comes with a commentary, so I plan to see it again.