In Bruges

A violent movie, but not nearly as violent as some recent American movies. This one is often played for comedy. In a scene near the end of the movie two gunmen chase each other through Bruge, one shooting at the other constantly. Apparently the rest of the town, tourists included, ignore them. The shots of Bruge are great. If you have ever been there you will recognize many spots and be able to say, "I've been at that very spot." I always like that. The story revolves around two hit men. One, Colin Farrell, is not very good at his job. They are assigned to wait in Bruge until the next 'job' is available. The Farrell character hates Bruge, so he heads for the nearest pub and is able to find a Dutch film company shooting a picture that includes an American dwarf, the prettiest girl in town, who just happens to be the drug supplier for the film company, and American and Canadian tourists who he manages to piss off at every opportunity. The other hit man gets a guide book and enjoys the town. If you haven't been to Bruge, try to make it part of any trip to Europe, if possible, and do as the second hit man and enjoy the sights of the town. Lovely place.