The Squid and the Whale

Not recommended. This movie is a couple of years old, and it tells the story of the end of a marriage. The main question a viewer might have during the short running time, 76 minutes, of this movie is: how did this family get so dysfunctional in only 17 years? What brought the couple together? How could it have gotten so bad and made the kids so mixed up. The oldest boy, 17, has no original thoughts, his opinions are those of his father. He is an 'expert' on literature because his dad is a writer but even though he has written a great school theme on The Great Gatsby it is doubtful that he has read the book. He performs in a school talent show by singing a Pink Floyd song that he passes off as something he has written. He fools no one but himself. The younger son, age not stated but probably about 12, is foul mouthed and well on his way to being an alcoholic. The mother has affairs, the father is manipulative, self-centered and egotistical. And they hurt each other.

Good acting, but no resolution and nothing that is very likable about any of the characters. Even Laura Linney as the mother can't save this picture. Nice views of Brooklyn though.