2 Days in Paris

Julie Delpy is a National Treasure. At least she might be "our" National Treasure if she weren't French. It's hard to tell in her English language movies, she speaks English so well. If you hear her in interviews, you can detect a French accent, not so much in her films. This movie is all hers. She plays half of a couple, Adam Goldberg is the other half, who has been on a vacation in Europe. They stop in Paris on their way home - just for two days - to see her parents. Bad move. They say Paris is for lovers, and apparently most of them are her old lovers. It proves to be a very eventful two days for the couple. Julie Delpy is one of the leads, of course, but she also wrote the script, co-produced the movie, directed it, edited it, and wrote the film score. In addition, her parents, who are actors, played her parents in the movie. Why not? Their daughter did everything else. If you have never seen Richard Linklater's two companion movies, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset that star Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, do so. They might be the most romantic two movies you will ever see.