Nancy Drew

I couldn't help but wonder as we watched this movie: Who is the target audience? If it is today's youth, how many of them know Nancy Drew in this time of Harry Potter? If it the nostalgia audience, they made the movie wrong. It should have been set in the 30's - the time of the books. But no - it is set in today. Nancy, however, is stuck in the 30's. The movie tries to explain this by starting her in her small town, USA and moving her and her dad to LA. And once they get there, she goes to school, where she, of course, shows up all the LA kids. And the kids are dressed like they are attending school in North Dakota, not LA. Oh well, it was a good try. It was campy, there was never any tension or thought of real danger, but there was an old house, haunted by the ghost of a former movie star, and it has secret passages and hidden clues. If you don't expect too much, it is a fun little movie.