Black Book

Thirty years ago Dutch director Paul Verhoeven did a movie called Soldier of Orange, this movie is a companion to that one. Both cover the same subject, the Dutch resistance against the Germans in World War II. The first movie was about 5 young men caught up in the war and how they lived their lives during occupation. This movie revolves around one girl, Rachel, and how she works for the resistance.

This is not an easy movie, the subject doesn't allow it, but it is a very powerful movie with an amazing bit of acting by the lead actor, a young Dutch actress named Carice van Houten. It does have a happy ending (of sorts), and we are aware of this from the first of the film since we see the main character many years later in Israel. The rest of the movie is a long flashback. We could call the movie "A Will to Survive" because that is how the movie progresses.

If you haven't see this movie, I recommend it.