Jewel Robbery

Kay Francis, little known today, but the biggest box office star of the early thirties, stars with William Powell in this little 'jewel'. Powell is a jewel thief, all charm and sophistication and Francis is the bored wife of a much older and rich baron. The setting is Vienna, and Powell and his men rob a jewelry store in broad daylight. In the process he charms his way into Francis' heart.

This is a witty and charming little movie. Done in 1932, it preceded the Production Code by two years and it is full of sexy banter and naughty dialogue. And, if that wasn't enough, Powell's character 'relaxes' his victims by giving them marijuana smokes! Yep - 5 years before Reefer Madness explained to us the 'true' dangers of pot, William was passing reefers out to calm his victims.

A great, fun little movie. It is not available on DVD so watch for it on TCM.

I love these old movies!